Charlottesville Alliance FC

Charlottesville Alliance FC

Home game traditions

Food and Drinks

Come hang out with us before the match! We have pizza, snack, water and a variety of sports drinks available starting approximately an hour before the match. No alcohol available.


We love playing tons of hype music to get the team and the crowd ready for the game! Our favorite tunes start playing between an hour to 30 minutes before the match.

Pre-Game Anthems

Team members and fans sing “Beat It” to the visiting team about 15 minutes prior to kick off.  During team introductions we play the Rocky theme song. Expect a chat of “We Will Rock You” at the kick off.  

End-of-Match Anthem

Please join us in a rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the end of the match. You might know this as the anthem Liverpool FC sings.

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